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In an economy where self-doubt, worry, and stress are at an all time high, you have that voice inside your head that never quits. It’s constantly chatting saying things like, “What if it doesn’t work,” “What if I fail,” or “What will they think.”

When you ask successful people what led to their success, they say 98% of it comes from your inner game. What inner game keeps you from getting more done and better results?

Your self-talk leads to a poor attitude, more mistakes, and increased stress while dictating your actions, keeping you from leading your team, engaging with others, and growing your organization. Transform your mindset to move to the next level and get bigger returns.

Your thoughts dictate behavior which dictates actions. So if you want better results, start by changing how and what you’re thinking. As an award winning former #1 sales producer for a Fortune 100 company, Jessica knows how your thoughts can either help or hurt your results.

To keep up with the evolving world around you, you can’t keep thinking the same way you’ve always thought. Jessica walks you through her five-step process which has helped thousands of leaders, teams, and organizations to move to the next level.

You’ll be able to pinpoint these debilitating thoughts and turn them into positive action to create bigger results, better people, and a bolder organization. Get ready to stay motivated, focused, and energized, while you develop your team, decrease errors, and grow no matter the changing environment or conditions. Blaze your brain to change your thoughts, change your outcome, and ignite your power within.

Learning Objectives


  • Pinpoint and correct the exact negative self-talk and triggers that holds you back from reaching your goals

  • Develop process for poor decisions and how to implement better focus and decision making skills

  • Explore the importance of disruption in our thought process and how to self-correct before it’s too late

  • Examine how your thoughts lead to bad communication, team conflict, and poor leadership and strategies to change them

  • Demonstrate how to immediately improve motivation, morale, and attitude, while improving energy and empowerment

  • Identify the importance of pivoting during change and how it leads to increased engagement

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