“I just finished reading Maurice’s first book “Journeying Beyond the Storm”. This is a great instructional guide that shows you how to overcome the growing pains in your business in only 70 pages, and that includes the appendix! This book is dense with the wisdom and understanding of all the things that go wrong in a growing business. It has clear and well explained solutions for the simple minded - like me. I probably have now underlined 95% of the book because every word is important. There are business gurus who write treatises or try using long allegorical stories. This book skips all the hype and cuts right to the chase. If you want to know how to fix your business, read this book first. It combines the wisdom of Jim Collins with similar systems and stories of Patrick Lencioni.  Thank you Maurice! I am excited to read your next publication."

Brian F. LaBovick, Esq. 

President, LaBovick Law Group

Maurice Velasquez

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