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"Maurice is on point! His meeting structure created better communication and re-energized our company. We use his model with tremendous success! Our office leaders and managers have stepped up and are keeping it up. Everyone is much more engaged. It also helps the executives to become better leaders and support the managers. This really works!"


Chad Cole

President, Spectrum HR Online

“Maurice told me we would see results in six weeks. To be honest, I thought that wasn’t possible. I was wrong. We did! Now I am getting used to faster and better results from their training.”

Flynn Foster

President, Guaranty Broadcasting

"Maurice has been instrumental with our executive team, between the owners, the management team, our managers and our frontliners, he has helped us face tough situations and has aligned beyond what I thought possible.  I am very hopeful and excited with what we’ve accomplished so far, and what we will do in the future. I highly recommend any business needing to get to the next level to contact Maurice and his team.”

Mary L. Werner

Owner, Hotel


"Maurice’s program is great, helpful and put us once again on another level towards success.  We will be able to sustain the procedures, principles and rhythm we learned. If we don’t then will be knocking on Maurice’s door again. Like I told Maurice, the investment is high but the return on the investment is 100x’s over."

Brian Ricci

President, Ricci Law Firm